Fire Detection / Alarm Systems

A fire detection/alarm system generally consists of detectors (smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, multi-sensor) that once signs of a fire are detected trigger an alarm to alert building occupants of the situation.

The alarm may consist of bells, lights, sirens (often a combination of these).

The components are linked to a main panel, or several panels, that can identify where the fire is in the building through zone allocation. This link can be hard wired or wireless.

Fire detection/alarm systems must be professionally maintained – BS5839 recommends that this is done at regular intervals with a minimum of six monthly.

Bell Lancaster can provide competent engineers to design , install, commission and maintain a variety of fire alarm systems including Advanced, CTec, Comelit, Morley and Gent.

We also provide logbooks to record maintenance, testing and activation of systems as well as training on the use of the system and what to do in case of a fire situation.

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